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Post by Henix Aurorus on Wed May 25, 2011 5:58 pm

The Plaza is where you can make your own shops, items, Forges, and other things which you can use Danmaku Tokens with.
You must get approval before starting a thread here! NO EXCEPTIONS.

With that aside, here's the rules!

  1. When purchasing an item, you must donate the amount of Danmaku Tokens the item costs to the person you're buying the item from AND make a post on the thread saying you bought it. Once your purchase is validated, your post will be removed and you will receive your item(s). The same accounts for forging, except you must scrap all the items used in forging, PLUS donate the Danmaku Tokens required to forge the item.
  2. Prices MUST be reasonable, and they can only be for Danmaku Tokens. Trading items is not allowed.
  3. You MAY gift an item to someone, but you have to make a post in the Gifting thread that you want to gift an item (which you must have in your inventory) to someone.
  4. All items must be approved my admins or moderators. See the "Item Basics" thread.

That's all, rule-wise. Don't forget to read the "Item Basics" thread as well!
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