The Mine...

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The Mine...

Post by Henix Aurorus on Thu May 26, 2011 9:07 pm

Minethings ores here!

NOTE: Mining ores costs Mana, and you need a pickaxe.

Mine Iron - 1 Mana, Copper Pickaxe or higher (Gets you 3 pieces of Iron ore, enough for one Iron ingot)

Mine Silver - 2 Mana, Iron Pickaxe or higher (Gets you 4 pieces of silver ore, enough for 0.8 silver ingots)

Mine Platinum - 4 Mana, Silver Pickaxe or higher (Gets you 2 pieces of platinum ore, enough for 0.5 platinum ingots)

Mine Runite - 9 Mana, Iron Pickaxe or higher (Gets you 5 pieces of Runite)

Mine Shadow Stone - 10 Mana, Iron Pickaxe or higher (Gets you 2 pieces of shadow stone ore, enough for 0.1 ingots.)

Ore Properties

Iron - Hard, medium-weight metal that's good for weapons and tools.

Silver - Hard, lightweight metal that's even better for weapons and tools, mostly due to it's light weight.

Platinum - Hard, medium-weight metal with a high melting point, good for mostly anything that involves metal, and can also be forged into fireproof armor that guards against Fire damage.

Runite - Soft, light stone that is commonly infused with magic and pure energy. Can be made into energy cells and other energy/magic based items.

Shadow Stone - Hard and soft, hot and cold, and dark. Very dark. Can be combined with other weapons to make Shadow weaponry.


That's all there is to mine at the moment. More will be added later, when I get the ideas for it.
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