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The Shop [Inventory Updated 4/23/12]

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The Shop [Inventory Updated 4/23/12]

Post by Henix Aurorus on Thu May 26, 2011 9:54 pm

Here you can buy all sorts of stuff!

Health & Mana Items

Lesser Health Potion - 25 Danmaku Tokens (Restores 100 Health)

Lesser Mana Potion - 25 Danmaku Tokens (Restores 50 Mana)

Lesser Combine Potion - 50 Danmaku Tokens (Restores 100 Health AND Mana)

Health Potion - 100 Danmaku Tokens (Restores 200 Health)

Mana Potion - 125 Danmaku Tokens (Restores 100 Mana)

Combine Potion - 150 Danmaku Tokens (Restores 200 Health and Mana)

Greater Health Potion - 200 Danmaku Tokens (Restores 500 Health)

Greater Mana Potion - 225 Danmaku Tokens (Restores 250 Mana)

Greater Combine Potion - 250 Danmaku Tokens (Restores 500 Health and Mana)


Wood - 100 Danmaku Tokens

Copper - 100 Danmaku Tokens

Iron - 250 Danmaku Tokens

Silver - 500 Danmaku Tokens

Platinum - 1000 Danmaku Tokens


Copper Pickaxe - 500 Danmaku Tokens

Copper Ax - 500 Danmaku Tokens

Copper Sword - 500 Danmaku Tokens

Note: All tools can be upgraded at the Forge.


Basic Bow - 500 Danmaku Tokens (Basic damage, can only use regular arrows)

Basic Flail - 500 Danmaku Tokens (Ball o' Hurt, with less hurt. Still hurts a lot if used right, though.)

Smith & Wesson Handgun - 1000 Danmaku Tokens (Decent damage, can only use .13 caliber bullets. Also makes an awesomely loud sound if you trim off part of the barrel. Can be upgraded in the forge to higher calibers.)


.13 Caliber Copper Bullets - 100 Tokens per 20 bullets (Delivers nice hot copper right into your enemy. Does 5% Fire damage due to the fact that Copper is extremely good at conducting heat, so it'll retain a lot of heat on the way to its target.)

.13 Caliber Silver Bullets - 500 Tokens per 20 bullets (Copper bullets, but more effective. After all, silver's a better conductor. Adds 10% Fire damage.)

.13 Caliber Gold Bullets - 1500 Tokens per 10 bullets (These things plow into your enemy at very high heat, to the point where the gold melts. Although it doesn't do as much damage as the other bullets you can get here, it makes up for it with it's 50% Fire damage.)

.13 Caliber Platinum Bullets - 1000 Tokens per 10 bullets (High heat, high power. These bullets can be fired right through fire, lava, and other high-heat areas without melting. 12% Fire damage, alongside 6% Light damage)

.13 Caliber Shadow Bullets - 2500 Tokens per 10 bullets (Great for sniping. These bullets simply do not melt or slow down. They just keep on going until they hit something. Can also be upgraded to higher calibers in the forge with Shadow Stone. Adds 25% shadow/dark damage.)

.13 Caliber Magic Bullets - 5000 Tokens per 50 bullets (Fuck metal bullets, these turn into literal DANMAKU the second they leave the barrel. The most powerful bullets that are compatible with the Smith & Wesson. Adds 50% Nova damage. Higher caliber versions can be made in the Forge using Runite.)

Arrows - 50 Tokens per 5 arrows (Just your ordinary arrows. These can be later upgraded in the forge, but bear in mind that Basic Bows can only fire regular arrows.)


That's all at the moment.
Henix Aurorus
Henix Aurorus
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