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Henix's Weapon Emporium [Artifact Rush!] Empty Henix's Weapon Emporium [Artifact Rush!]

Post by Henix Aurorus on Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:32 am

Yes, I just HAD to make another shop. This shop sells a variety of weapons, including element-specific weapons.


Frozen Cutlass - Pirate-style cutlass with a frozen personality. Can only be used by Ice-Elementals. 1000 Danmaku Tokens

Soulwind - A simple blade engraved with wind runes. Can only be used by Air/Sky/Cloud-Elementals. 800 Danmaku Tokens

Lightning Rod - An electrified longsword that can be used as a lightning rod, hence the name. Can only be used by Lightning/Plasma/Pure Energy-Elementals. 1250 Danmaku Tokens

Shocker - A 3-foot sword made of pure electricity. Twice as powerful as the Lightning Rod. Can only be used by Lightning/Plasma/Pure Energy-Elementals. 2500 Danmaku Tokens

Blade of Insanity - Twisted blade in the style of a prism shard. Can only be used by Nova/Supernova-Elementals. 5000 Danmaku Tokens

Void Smite - A twisted blade made out of what appear to be pure void. One of the Artifact Weapons, Void Smite has high power and high style. Get it now, before it vanishes into the void! 20000 Danmaku Tokens


Hakurei Yin-Yang Bow - A bow blessed by Hakurei. Turns arrows into yin-yang orbs which do massive damage. Can only be used by Light-Elementals. 1500 Danmaku Tokens

Prismatic Bow - A bow that seems to be be carved from a multicolored crystal. Turns arrows into prism shards which explode on impact for massive damage. Can only be used by Nova/Supernova-Elementals. 4500 Danmaku Tokens

Molten Fury - A bow made of pure Hellite. Sets arrows aflame for additional Fire damage. Can only be used by Fire/Hell-Elementals. 750 Danmaku Tokens

Dark Desire - A dark crossbow made from Demonite and Shadow Stone, Dark Desire is a high-powered Artifact Weapon- Meaning it's only available for a limited time! Can only be wielded by Dark/Shadow Elementals. 20000 Danmaku Tokens.


Ball n' Chain - Large spiked ball on a long chain. Great for destroying stuff. 1000 Danmaku Tokens.

Sailing Moon - A sphere made to look like the Moon on a VERY long chain. Generally great for just smashing stuff. 1500 Danmaku Tokens

Danmaku Flail - A flail made out of, yeah, pure danmaku. It also fires danmaku when you throw it. Plenty of danmaku to go around. Great for danmaku matches, puzzles that require danmaku, or just danmaku. 2500 Danmaku Tokens (TOO MUCH DANMAKU *shot*)

Dao of Pow - A flail made in the shape of a yin-yang symbol, the Dao of Pow is an Artifact Weapon teeming with power. Get it before it's gone! 20000 Danmaku Tokens.


Yin-Yang Rifle - Rapidly fires small danmaku projectiles. Requires no ammo, just Mana. 2000 Danmaku Tokens

D-55 Danmaku-based Desert Eagle - Fires large, very powerful danmaku projectiles. Like the Yin-Yang Rifle, it requires no ammo, but it uses 10 Mana with each shot, whereas the Yin-Yang Rifle only uses 1. 3000 Danmaku Tokens

DC-500 Danmaku-based Disruptor Cannon - Fires danmaku lasers that get more powerful the more mana you use to fire them. Each shot uses up whatever Mana you have left, and if you have enough, this cannon can become a God-Class weapon. Requires no ammo, just mana. 10000 Danmaku Tokens

Aurorus Nova Rifle - Fires powerful Runite bullets that can do some pretty massive damage. This weapon increases in power as you do more damage. Requires .60 caliber Runite bullets of any kind. Bolt-Action. 11000 Danmaku Tokens

World Eater - Mana-powered Artifact Weapon with more power than a Disruptor Cannon on steroids. Each shot costs 10 Mana and does more damage than 5 DC-500 shots. Get it before it eats the world! 20000 Danmaku Tokens


Basic .50 Caliber Rounds - Basic bullets made from steel. These are required to forge your own .50 caliber bullets, so if you plan on using any .50 caliber weapons, you should get some of these. 100 Danmaku Tokens/5 rounds

.60 Caliber Runite Bullets - Bullets made from Runite specially designed for the Nova Rifle. These can be upgraded with various materials to increase their power. 500 Danmaku Tokens/5 rounds

Basic Arrows - Just your basic arrows. Nothing special. 10 Danmaku Tokens/arrow

Universal Round Mold - A mold to make your own Universal bullets, which work with ANY gun, aside from energy weapons. Unlimited uses. Limited time only! 15000 Danmaku Tokens.

Universal Battery Blueprint - A blueprint for Universal batteries, which will work with any energy weapon. Unlimited uses. Limited time only! 20000 Danmaku Tokens

Holy Arrows - Glittery arrows that, while lacking in damage, rain stars from the sky. Available for only so long! 1000 Danmaku Tokens/Arrow.

Unholy Arrows - Dark arrows with decent damage and the famous three-pierce effect. Unlike his Holy cousin, Unholy Arrows will be available eternally! 500 Danmaku Tokens/Arrow.

That's all we have for now.
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