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» GraphicRiver White Party Flyer Template
Aurorus Productions Forums - Portal EmptyThu Dec 19, 2013 5:49 am by mollwar

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Forum Update! (Tuesday, August 7th, 2012)

Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:01 pm by Henix Aurorus

Lots of updates this time around, most of which have been in the works for a bit. Here's the Changelog.

  • Removed the ARC-related forums and groups due to loldead and also because it's pointless anyway.
  • Merged the Programming and Programming Help forums.
  • Removed the Showcase subforum of Forum Games since I realized that's what stickies are for.
  • Created the News forum to help keep clutter off the portal.
  • Added three new skills to the skillset- Blacksmith, Gunsmith, and Silversmith, which improve the success rates for forging of most weapons as well as armor, guns and bullets, and accessories, respectively. (EDIT: Also renamed a couple skills.)
  • Redid the Alignment field in accordance with the new set of Elements, as well as the new Alignment system. For information on the new elements, see the Newbie's Guide to Elements thread in Hardcore Roleplaying. This was also done because dropdown menus have a limit of 30 options, and there will probably end up being more than 30 subelements.
  • Added some cool little widgets that say "HEY INTERNET DEFENSE LEAGUE"
  • Footer links tweaked, including removing the old broken "Chatbox" link and adding a new Internet Defense League link.

...there are also a couple smaller changes too, but these are the bigger ones.

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Forum Update! (Thursday, June 12th, 2012)

Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:15 pm by Henix Aurorus

Minor update to the forums. Added a new forum, two new usergroups, and other stuffs. Changelog below.

  • New forum, for something awesome that I'll get to later.
  • Artifact Rush... is actually still going on because nothing's really been happening there.
  • Two new usergroups, one for [blank] Supporters, and one for the [blank] Leader. What's in the blanks? Keep reading. ;)
  • AP is now sponsoring the ARC! What's the ARC? Well, it's the Anti-ROBLOX Campaign! :D See the forum for info.
  • Not much else.

Enjoy the (tiny) improvements.

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Forum Update! (Monday, April 23rd, 2012)

Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:22 pm by Henix Aurorus

So, the first major update to the forums since the theme! While at the present moment it's not much, it's setting down the foundation for future updates. Here's the changelog:

-Chatbox back up, now on the Portal, meaning that you can chat from the comfort of the home page. (PM me if you encounter any bugs so I can fix them ASAP. :>)
-New Traits area of the Character sheets! We'll get to that at a later point when we actually get items that add said traits.
-New SKILLS system! At the moment it's just various stat boosts and is just a work in progress, but updates on that will be released before too long. (See below for information.)
-Two new buildings have appeared in the Plaza- The long-awaited Trading Post, and the Alchemist! The former allows you to trade items with other players, and the latter allows you to brew your own potions.
-Artifact Rush initiated! (See below.)
-Main Shop inventory update!
-Elements redesign!


While originally intended as a technique table, I discovered that at the present moment I can't change row names on a per-person basis, so I'll have to work on that one. Instead, I came up with a basic Skills system that allows you to give yourself certain stat boosts by spending Skill Points. At the moment there are only nine skills, but I plan on expanding that as I get ideas. (Got any? Feel free to send me them!)

Hunter - Boosts Bow Damage, 1% per level.
Gunslinger - Boosts Gun Damage, 1% per level.
Swordsman - Boosts Melee Damage, 1% per level.
Thief - Boosts Stealth, 2% per level, adds Dark/Shadow element to attacks.
Flailmaster - Boosts Flail Damage, 1% per level.
Magician - Boosts Magic Damage, 1% per level.
Tank - Boosts Defense, 1% per level, adds Earth element to attacks.
Hoarder - Boosts the rate at which items drop, 1% per level, add Air element to attacks, does not effect rare drops such as Artifacts.
Tycoon - Boosts the amount of Danmaku Tokens monsters drop, 1.5% per level. (Requires Danmaku Tokens to upgrade. :P)

One note, when you reach level 5 on a skill, you can choose an element to apply to it, assuming it doesn't already have one. Yes, this does effect your element. ;)

Artifact Rush

7 Artifact items have appeared in the Weapon Emporium! Each is worth at least 15000 Danmaku Tokens (with the exception of the Holy Arrows) and holds great power, having the power to annihilate mankind!... Okay, not really, but they're still great weapons, and they're available until May 8th, so act fast, because they won't be …

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