102 - Swampy Thingy (Not even sure if this is special world)

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102 - Swampy Thingy (Not even sure if this is special world)

Post by Sockbat Replica on Thu Sep 15, 2011 2:02 pm

This one isn't even on the list in the dropbox so is this one supposed to go in the special world? Because the special world is the only world in the dropbox not there so maybe that's where this level goes. If this level is going in another world just move the thread to whatever world you want it in I guess. Anywho it's a water level/cave. The first part is entirely underwater and even has hotheads and sparkys for some reason (smb1 used firebars underwater in the world 8 castle right so I guess I can use sparkys and hotheads underwater).

After the midway you go up a pipe and wind up in another part of the cave that is more dry but there's still pools of water with Joe Sharks jumping out of them (They're basically like the dolphins but they hurt you instead of help).

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