The Temple [Inventory Updated!]

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The Temple [Inventory Updated!]

Post by Henix Aurorus on Sun May 29, 2011 1:20 pm

Where you can buy various magical items like scrolls, tomes, or even runes.


Scroll of Recall (stolen from Cleft of Dimensions)
Has two uses. First use places a "recall point", the second use sends you back to that recall point. You can move the recall point around as much as you want, but you can only Recall to it once.
500 Danmaku Tokens

Scroll of Summoning
Can be used up to ten times, each time summoning either a dead player (AKA resurrecting them), or a Magic Knight to fight with you. If there's a dead player in your party, they will be resurrected unless you specifically say you wish to summon a Knight.
750 Danmaku Tokens

Scroll of Healing
One use, heals all members of your party to full health. Also resurrects any dead members AND heals the to full health. If a member is already fully healed, they get 25 extra health. (AKA their health is overclocked)
1000 Danmaku Tokens


Tome of Darkness
Allows you to cast various Dark-elemental spells. Can only be bought and used if your alignment is Dark.
1750 Danmaku Tokens

Tome of Warding
Allows the casting of shielding spells, but requires large amounts of Mana. Cannot be bought or used by people who don't have an element.
1500 Danmaku Tokens

Tome of Shielding
An upgrade to the Tome of Warding. Allows for the casting of more powerful shielding spells, and decreases mana usage with these spells. Can only be bought once you have a Tome of Warding.
5000 Danmaku Tokens

Tome of Light
Allows you to cast various Light-elemental spells. Can only be bought and used if your alignment is Light.
1750 Danmaku Tokens

Tome of the Gods
Special tome that allows Nova-aligned players to use extremely powerful spells, at the cost of significant amounts of Mana (at least 100 per spell) and some Health.
10000 Danmaku Tokens


Rune of Regeneration
A rune that, when equipped, regenerates your health overtime. Requires 10 Mana per 100 health regenerated. You must be be Earth-elemental to buy and equip this rune.
5000 Danmaku Tokens


NOTE: Nova-elemental players can use all element-specific items.

That's all we have at the moment! Check back later to see if there's anything new!
Henix Aurorus
Henix Aurorus
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