General Chatter - Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]

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General Chatter - Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]

Post by Henix Aurorus on Wed May 25, 2011 12:05 pm

This thread contains the rules for this forum.

  1. No flaming. Returning fire is okay, so long as you don't start a flame war.
  2. No NSFW/R-rated content in this forum. Save it for the Freelance forums.
  3. No trolling AT ALL. If you are caught trolling, you will instantly get a 24-hour ban.
  4. If you find a flamewar, don't post. Let us know. All people involved in flamewars end up getting a 24-hour ban, so it's best you not try to get involved.
  5. Please no "woe is me" threads or suicide threats. Save those for Reality Corner. (Protip: There's no reality corner right now. Sorry.)
  6. No roleplaying or gaming threads. Those belong in the other forums, not here.

Do note that these rules account only for THIS SPECIFIC FORUM.

Also note that breaking ANY of these rules will get you an instant 24-hour ban, minus rules 5 and 6. NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS OTHERWISE LISTED.

Henix Aurorus
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